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George Christo
George Christo


George Christo

Heads up new design-and-build firm, DOORtoDOORrealty, llc, is in love with Staten Island's North Shore.

He wasn't born in the area, so his embrace of the communities that comprise this historic section of Staten Island has nothing to do with nostalgia. In fact, Christo, grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and sold stock on Wall Street for six years before switching gears in 2000, and getting into real estate and development on this side of the harbor 22 years ago.

Pod cast

"In this conversation, George Christo discusses the importance of taking action and not being afraid to make mistakes. He shares his experiences and challenges in real estate development on the North Shore of Staten Island. George also talks about his investments in Denora and Menessin, Pennsylvania, and his approach to real estate investment. He highlights the impact of poverty-level housing and immigration on the real estate market. Additionally, he discusses the broken welfare system and the need for common sense policy. George also touches on the challenges of raising money and shares some wild stories from property showings." -Blueprint for Closers


00:00 The Importance of Taking Action

07:09 The Challenges of Real Estate Development on the North Shore of Staten Island

17:06 Investing in Properties in Denora and Menessin, Pennsylvania

22:00 George's Approach to Real Estate Investment

27:16 The Impact of Poverty-Level Housing and Immigration on Real Estate

31:02 The Broken Welfare System and the Need for Common Sense Policy

35:22 The Challenges of Real Estate Investing and Raising Money

38:44 Wild Stories from Property Showings

"Dive deep into the mind of trailblazer George Christo shaping the real estate landscape. We explore the fascinating journey behind DOORtoDOORrealty. George is not just a real estate entrepreneur; he's a visionary involved in every facet of the real estate development process. From evaluating potential land acquisitions to assessing project feasibility, securing financing, overseeing design and architectural services, managing site development, to general construction and strategic product placement—George is a maestro orchestrating the symphony of real estate success."

-Live Your Dreams Podcast wJoe Gawalis&Chris Victor

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